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Participatory Research and Sustainable Conservation

One of the main functions of the Jardin Ethnobotanique du Kivu is to document and identify the plant species in the area. In this programme, the participatory research approach is often focused on collecting data on wild food plants, medicinal plants, associated traditional knowledge, and plant taxonomy and assessing their conservation status. In addition, the...

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Water for education, green and resilient communities  WEGR

Clean water and its availability are at the heart of all conservation programmes at JEBK. Indeed, water is critical to achieving results in seed and plant conservation and domestication, food security, and health in an environment vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. In its water programme, JEBK is in continuous dialogue with local...

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Traditional Knowledge, Inclusion, and Conservation

To promote equality, peace and local knowledge necessary for the conservation of native plant biodiversity and ecological restoration, the inclusion, and integration of traditional knowledge of all social actors without discrimination are core values of JEBK in this programme. Youth, women, and minority indigenous peoples of all origins are integrated into a continuous dialogue and...

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