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JEBK RDC ( is the first (Ethno) Botanic Garden in the eastern of  Democratic Republic of The Congo. As a pioneer Ethnobotanic Garden in these conflict zones, JEBK most focuses on the conservation, the valorization and the sustainable utilization of traditional botanical Knowledge on most endangered, neglected and threatened plant species.

Doing so, the JEBK team is made of experts to document food plants, to domesticate the most threatened useful species and to promoting local kitchen and forgotten meals that may contribute to food security, good health and the protection of the environment.

For JEBK, the local community and their knowledge are the focus in its activities and programs. JEBK RDC final purpose is to contribute to the international efforts towards biodiversity conservation, healthier & peaceful communities and the Good Governance of traditional plant resources meanwhile promoting biodiversity conservation in rural zones around the protected areas.   We are struggling together with the community,  women and youth to end violence against trees using advocacy and conflict resolutions approach. At the JEBK we are developing strategies to increase tree conservation and ecological restoration within the household ,  to slow the negative effects of climate change in the post conflict zones.


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