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Most threatened tree species of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Updates and Focus Tree Conservation for the Jardin

Ethnobotanique Kivu, JEBK, RDC

Seeds of Ongokea gore in the forest in the South-Kivu

By Marie-Cakupewa Fundiko

Period: July 2020 

The data about threatened tree species of the DRC are documented based on international reports and recent publication about the state of the Congolese Forests, the IUCN Red List and the CITES proceedings.  According to the databases and other sources compiled, there are 2 critically endangered tree species in DRC, almost 7 trees are endangered, several vulnerable species, to less extent some near threatened and the rest is least concerned. Among those endangered tree species, the following trees are priority species and deserve more attention for the biodiversity and tree conservation in situ and ex situ in fragile zones:  

  1. Autranella congolensis
  2. Brazzeia longipedicellata
  3. Dialium excelsum
  4. Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum
  5. Millettia laurentii
  6. Pericopsis elata
  7. Tiliacora lehmbachii
  8. Triclisia lanceolate

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