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Benefiting from its international Network, JEBK RDC is an institutional member of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and the Ecological Restoration Alliance at the BGCI.


For capacity building and to improve its infrastructure meanwhile contributing to the Global Strategie for Plant Conservation, the JEBK RDC recently, in July 2020 participated in the workshop on tree conservation organized in the framework of a unique Partnership BGCI & Google Art & Culture. This workshop supported the understanding of Tree Conservation and plant diversity can be promoted through arts and culture. Herewith, the JEBK team benefited expertise and ideas to improve their approach in public engagement on tree conservation, and to build solid connections through stories and exhibitions about trees in order to impact the global community through ecological restoration.

For the JEBK RDC, the youth plays a prominent role in the implementation of the project on Art for the culture in the Garden.

We are more excited to see youth joining the JEBK to collaborate and promote this idea/approach in order to achieve the conservation and valorization of traditional knowledge related to plants and the cultures of (indigenous) local communities living in the area of the implementation of JEBK RDC.

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