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Together engaging fight against deforestation through JEBK DRC

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We all are invited to love trees and join the international society to fight against deforestation and to restore threatened species. In the province South Kivu, in the eastern of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, several traditional tree species such as the Ficus spec. (Mutudu, Mulehe), Tetradenia riparia (Mutuzo), Dracaena spec. (Mukonzikonzi), Euphorbia tirucali (Karhoza) have become scarce and some of them have even disappeared in villages due to human pressure, lack of awareness and excessive exploitation of natural resources in the Kivu.

For the purpose of ecological restoration and tree conservation in post-conflict zones, the Jardin EthnoBotanique Kivu, JEBK RDC established since 2019, devotes for collection of seeds of such species, manage nurseries to restore the most threatened local tree species in the areas.

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Many of the traditional tree species represent traditional & cultural significance for the local communities living around JEBK RDC, others are source for food, firewood and medicine. They also have a significant role for environmental problems in the buffer zone between the National Pac Kahuzi-Biega (PNKB) and the communities around, as this zone is often facing several hard natural hazards such as earthquake, soil erosion, pandemics such Ebola, COVID19, cholera, Malaria, etc.

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